Posted by: Susan Loken | February 23, 2011

The good and bad of the Austin Half

After all races I write down areas for improvement and lessons, as well as positives.

 Lessons and Areas of Improvement

More consistent training. Back to strength and core training, 2 times per week. Improve nutrition. Lower my body weight from113 to 107-109, the weight I race the fastest at (Not sure of my fat percentage right now, but I know it’s above my ideal 14%. I feel heavy and that’s not good.) Get 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night.


It was a solid training run. I’m uninjured. I never gave up (Yes, I wanted to walk up one of the hills, but I didn’t!). This confirms that you must put in the work to get the results. This bad race helped build my character and motivate me to do things to improve.

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