Posted by: Susan Loken | January 14, 2015

Believe UCAN

As runners, we are always looking for that new product that will fuel us and help us feel better. We seek out innovations that will help us race faster, avoid injury, grow stronger and offer an extra edge in achieving our goal.  

Well, last September I began training and racing with UCAN sport drink, alongside other products. In time, I noticed that every time I used UCAN I felt better, ran stronger, was more energized and improved my race.

To be perfectly honest, it took me a little while to figure out that the UCAN product was the source of my increased performance and the positive differences in my training and racing. The answer came to me at a race last November. I get butterflies in my stomach before races, so I can’t eat food and electrolyte drinks alone are not enough. Before this particular race, I drank UCAN with its natural, gluten-free SuperStarch. Incredibly, I ran 8 seconds per mile faster than I had planned and felt great doing it!

I attributed my stellar performance to my training and chance, and continued to train with other products. However, that race piqued my interest in UCAN. As I incorporated UCAN into my regular regimen, my energy during workouts continued to improve. I looked into the science behind the product and became even more convinced of its effectiveness. Super Starch carb releases slowly and gives you the energy you need at just the right rate, rather than overloading your body with unnecessary calories. It actually minimizes your need to refuel and you burn fat instead of sugar. Awesome!


After my personal success with the UCAN product, I decided that I wanted to solely use the UCAN for my training. As runners, we are always looking for the best product for our own biochemistry at different stages of our life and career. This is the product I now recommend for the runners that I coach, and anyone else who is looking to improve their endurance, speed and stamina.

I feel that UCAN is one of the best products on the market and the PERFECT product for me! Since I have found so much success with UCAN, I have accepted an invite to join their UCAN Elite Team. I am proud to announce that I am truly representing a product that I 100% BELIEVE helps my running!!

Give it a try and see how you feel!!


Tips on Fueling Your Run with Varun Sriram from Generation UCAN at Sole Sports


Keep Believing, Keep Running & Believe UCAN,



  1. Congrats on the elite team opportunity! Steve and I are using it as well. So far I love it!

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