Posted by: Susan Loken | December 29, 2014

Run With It!

I have a HUGE announcement that I am so excited to share with you!!

As you may already know, I run with the Sonoran Distance Project (SDP), a female distance running team that supports runners in their efforts to make World Championship and Olympic Teams. It is humbling to be part of such a magnificent group. Above and beyond that, our team just received an incredible honor.

P&G (Proctor and Gamble) is now the corporate sponsor of Sonoran Distance Project. They will equip the SDP team with racing kits, body work and blood work, enabling all 15 of us all to train at the level necessary to reach out DREAMS!! P&G believes in US and is proud to support women’s distance running in the USA, and we are so proud of our new partnership!

P & G Logo

Life can be crazy and unpredictable. Things do not always go according to plan, but I have come to learn that everything always happens at the RIGHT time. You can plan to your heart’s delight, but life won’t necessarily play by your rules or stick to your plan. The unexpected will inevitably interrupt your detailed hopes for the future. When they do, remember to RUN WITH IT!!

The number one question that I have been asked over the years is, “Do you wish you had started running earlier? Do you wish you would have run in college? Can you imagine what kind of runner you would have been?” My answer is always the same: “Heck no! NO WAY!!” I have had a wonderful journey and I wouldn’t change a thing. I like the runner I AM, not the runner I could have been.

The only thing I have ever wished I had done differently was train like a professional, with an Elite Sponsored Team. I’ve seen some SUPER MAGICAL things happen when powerful and inspirational women join together as a team. The camaraderie and accountability can take you to a new level. When you train with the fastest of the fast, you begin to run faster. Over the years, I have seen different Elite teams at races and thought about how cool it would be to be part of one. Now, at age 51, I am part of an Elite Sponsored Team.

SDP Girls

Like everything in life, this particular goal came to fruition on it’s own terms. I had patience and I ran with it.

A few months ago, I met with John Reich, the coach of SDP. He invited me to be on the board of directors for the Sonoran Distance Team. As we chatted, it became very clear that my heart still had it’s own racing goals, so I decided that I would join the team. I loved John’s dream goal for the team of finding a sponsor so he could devote all of his coaching talent to training the team at the highest level.

I left that meeting with hope and a strong feeling in my heart that his dream would come true when it was meant to. I believe that when someone has a dream and is willing to share it with the world and have faith, good things will happen. Well, good things are certainly happening! This AWESOME sponsorship has helped John’s dream come true, and mine.

Life has a unique path laid out for all of us. Accept wherever the road take you, and RUN WITH IT!!


  1. Susan, as you know you inspire me in so many ways! You are so right about things coming to you at the right time. Watching the movie Fast Women came to me at the right time and I knew I had to some how find YOU! You inspired me then and haven’t stopped since. You are such a blessing to this world and thank you for always sharing your wisdom. Congratulations to you, John, and SDP! What an amazing group of women who WILL reach their goals. I look forward to following this group! GO GET IT LADIES!! Cheers to P&G!!!!! Smart company!

  2. You have such great incites: “I like the runner I AM, not the runner I could have been.” So proud to be teammates!!!

  3. Congrats, Susan! At 51, I too joined an elite running team (SRA Elite). Though I sort of feel like “Team Mom”, I still feel like I can run and compete with the top runners in the area and beyond. I hope to run the best I can, for as long as I can, and this team will help. Thanks for sharing your dreams and goals. You continue to inspire on so many levels.

  4. That is amazing news Susan. So proud of you and all the SDP runners.

  5. […] distance running team, Sonoran Distance Project, was recently sponsored by P&G’s Always brand. You may have seen their awesome and note-worthy “Like A Girl” commercial during the Super […]

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