Posted by: Susan Loken | October 17, 2012

Back to Blogging!!

Last time I wrote was in January after the 2012 USA Olympic Marathon Trials.

Quick update…

January: Finished the 2012 Olympic Trials Marathon, stopped running and started working with Nicole Armbrust at Spooner PT to fix my hamstring injury.

February: Still not running, going to PT 2 x per week, strength training and riding the ElliptiGo. Launched my new business and passion…BTB Coaching (

March: Still not running, still working with the amazing Nicole Armbrust and Michael Akerson to fix my hamstring, have 20 BTB clients and loving the new challenge of helping runners BECOME their dream!

April: Still not running, started YOGA (every runner needs to do yoga!) still going to PT 2 x per week, riding the ElliptiGO and strength training. Recruited 30 members for Team Chances New York City!! I’m now coaching  Team BTB and Team Chances NYC!!

May: Got the green light to SLOWLY ease back into running!! Coaching is a blessing each day! I get to share the running journey with amazing, amazing people each day!! Now that I can run a little…I truly understand and BELIEVE that running is a GIFT no matter what pace you’re running! RUNNING IS A GIFT!! I will enjoy every mile of every day!!

June: Coaching, PT, Strength training, Yoga, Running & lot’s of Lacrosse (my son’s on a lacrosse travel team) trips this month.

July: Coaching, PT, Strength training, Yoga, Running, Family Vacation and one year older (49!!)

August: I was asked to be the Lululemon Run Ambassador!!! WHAT AN HONOR!! Lululemon running clothes are the BEST EVER!!! Ran two half marathons this month. Lululemon Half in Vancouver BC in 1:26 (4th overall) and AFC Half in San Diego (1:26) 3rd Master!! Yes, Yes, Yes, I am thrilled with running a 1:26 and most of all, I am blessed that running is now pain free and I feel GREAT!! Note to self…continue PT, Strength training and yoga…DO NOT JUST RUN!!!

September: Added speed/tempo to my running!! LOVE the challenge!! I feel alive and happy when each day I’m trying to improve. My goals are different and my miles are “less” than before, but I feel balanced, happy and full of purpose!! TEAM BTB and TC NYC are all better, fitter and stronger today than they were yesterday!! I feel like a PROUD MOM!! It’s funny, when they hurt, I hurt, when they are HAPPY, I’m happy (just how I feel about my boys!)!! LOVE MY RUNNERS!!!

October: Ran the “Girlfriends” half marathon in Vancouver Wash in 1:22!!! Yes, it felt good to run strong and feel healthy again!! My GIRLFRIEND, Amy O’hara sponsored this race. I ran to support her and her awesome shoe store (see shirt logo)!! Team BTB members have been rocking at races and TC NYC are in taper mode!!

My Goals: #1 Coaching  #2 Find a level of running that challenges me, yet allows me to stay injury free AND be the best coach possible. #3 I signed up for the 2013 PF Chang’s Marathon #4 Signing up for the 2013 AZ Ironman

Feeling happy at the finish of the Girlfriends Half Marathon in Vancouver Wash!


  1. LOVE that you’re Blogging again!!!


  2. YAY!! I was so excited when you popped up in my google reader. You are the best and I am so happy to have you as my coach!!!

  3. You re amazing – we are back !! I am very happy to have connected w you and the TC program. Appreciate the motivation. I am still at..chasing my goals.

    Sent from my iPhone

  4. Impressive you can take so much time off from running and your first race back you run a 1:26. I am glad you are healthy and happy. Keep appreciating each day for they are a gift.

  5. Susan, you are just AWESOME… You inspire me daily. Hugs

  6. Yay Susan! I am so glad to see you are blogging again! You inspire me so much. I have completed another stepping stone in my new life journey today, and now I can focus on NY! I am SO excited to run this race. It will symbolize the direction my life is heading. You are an amazing coach, and I am so excited to join BTB after NY!!

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