Posted by: Susan Loken | December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to Me!!

Everyone I’ve ever coached knows how strongly I believe in Positive Affirmations. The positive thinking and personal words of encouragement are absolutely essential for bringing about a particular desire or outcome. If you keep repeating a positive affirmation, soon enough the statement will be accepted by the mind as truth!

Here is an example how negative and positive statements work:

Yesterday, before my planned 13 mile run (5 at goal marathon pace), I was in a big funk. Despite my best efforts to stay positive, my mind kept thinking, you’re fat, you’re out of shape, you’re slow and the Olympic Trials are only 22 days away! Yes, I know that this Olympic Trials will be all about the experience and the honor of participating. However, today my mind decided to have a pity party about not being in competitive shape.

With all these self-defeating negative thoughts, I took off for my run. Needless to say, my thoughts created a awful outcome and my run was cut short. Defeated, I jogged back to my house.

My first Christmas gift this year was my neighbor, Matt. He drove by me as I was plodding my fat, out of shape and negative self up the hill to my house. He told me that he would be running 16 miles the next day. I immediately thought to myself, this is a such a gift, an opportunity to turn my awful negative thoughts into positive ones. Matt said that he would be at my house by 7am for our run!

When I got home from my run – my mind having already taken on a more positive outlook – there in front of me was my second Christmas gift, several boxes of running shoes from Sketchers! My friend Gerald Turetzky, whom I know from my time as a sales rep for Easy Spirit, is the key account manager for Sketchers. He has been sending me some of their latest running shoes to test out. As a matter of fact, on my “negative thinking run” I was wishing that I had the Sketchers “GO RUN” on instead of my Asics Trainers because I feel so light and fast in them. I was absolutely thrilled. I couldn’t help thinking, tomorrow I’ll be wearing a pair of my new running shoes by Sketchers and I’m going to kick some butt with Matt!

You see, my friends, positive thinking works! This morning I laced up my new Sketchers, put on my water belt, and smiled because I was back to my positive self and at 7am Matt and I were off for our run.

Today my thoughts were, I’m fast and light, I’m going to have a great run, I will get faster and fitter, and I love these new shoes. Guess how the run went. Matt and I ran 16 miles over hill and trail, averaging a 7:20 pace, and my hamstring didn’t even hurt! Each mile I completed, I looked down at our pace and kept thinking, Merry Christmas to me!! My third and most wonderful gift was the simple fact that I ran 16 miles today.

I am going to have a great run at the Olympic Trials, feeling quick, light, and fast in my new favorite running shoes from Sketchers. Every mile is a gift. Now, to decide which color to wear…

Give yourself the gift of positive thinking for Christmas this year. It truly is the greatest gift of all!


  1. I live in Houston and I’ll be out there cheering for you! Wishing you the best at the race!

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