Posted by: Susan Loken | December 22, 2011

Experiment of One!

Well, the good news is that I’m running and my hamstring is feeling better. My training log is below and, as you can see, I’m slowly but surely adding more running into my schedule. I won’t necessarily have enough time to get in great shape, but I will be in the best shape possible, given the circumstances.

Training on the ElliptiGO  actually gives me the same “runners high” and the same feeling of accomplishment I get after finishing a good, hard run. This is really keeping me sane and fit for the trials. Let me tell you….this is a great cardio, leg and core workout!!

The excitement and energy surrounding the opportunity to run with the fastest women in the USA is indescribable. It amazes me that I actually qualified again and that I have the honor of participating once more. Despite the challenges and roadblocks along that way, I’ve made it. I’m both grateful and thrilled to be a part of something so incredible. Yup, my life is great!

I continue to see Dr. Ball twice per week and he’s working hard to help keep me up and running, and well enough to complete this marathon. Thanks for all your time and effort Dr. John Ball!

I actually enjoy visiting Dr. Ball twice a week because you just never know who will be on the table next to you. It could be Ryan Hall, Alicia Shay, Stephanie Rothstein, Lauren Fleshman (she was there yesterday), and the list just goes on. Top runners from all over the USA come to get put back together by Dr. Ball. He is the only healthcare professional in Arizona providing Graston, SASTM, and Active Release Techniques. I’m so lucky that his office is only five miles from my house!

I’m also streching with Jon Lempke once a week. Jon is a certified flexibility specialist and he works wonders on a tight runner like me.

Here’s my training schedule from the past week:

Dec 12, Monday: Ran 9 miles at 8 minute pace. The pain was manageable.

Dec 13, Tuesday: 9 miles at 8:20 pace. I didn’t feel great and ended up walking the last mile home because of hamstring pain.

Dec 14, Wednesday: ElliptiGO for 90 minutes on hilly loop. Heart-rate was up during uphill and it felt like I was at a strong heart-rate during the flats. My heart-rate seems to be lower on the ElliptiGO than in running. I feel better simply going by effort level and time, rather than driving myself crazy trying to reach a target heart rate and pace.

Dec 15, Thursday: Ran 8 miles at 7:19 pace. I felt pretty good. It looks like riding the ElliptiGO yesterday gave my hamstring enough time to recover so I could have a solid run effort today.

Dec 16, Friday: 60 minutes on the ElliptiGO on a hilly loop. I pushed hard up the hills to get heart-rate up and increased cadence on the flats. Going downhill, I break because I get going too fast. After working out on the ElliptiGO I feel refreshed, never spent and beaten up as you often do after hard runs.

Dec 17, Saturday: Ran 13 miles at an easy 8:20 pace with Cris and Allen. Hamstring felt good except on the final mile when I tried to speed up.

Dec 18, Sunday: 90 minutes on the ElliptiGO at a hard effort. Saturday’s run felt soooo easy. It was a blast running with Cris and Allan, but  it was frustrating not being able to run faster, so I released a lot of energy on the ElliptiGO today!!

Dec 19, Monday: 3 miles easy, 4×1 mile in mile 7:10 (uphill), 6:36 (downhill), 7:01 (uphill), 6:14 (downhill) and 3 miles easy. My hamstring felt pretty good. I did lot’s of stretching and will try running easy on Tuesday.

Dec 20, Tuesday: 8.5 mile trail run at an average pace of 8:30 and my hamstring felt good. Running 2 days in a row without having my hamstring stop me is a step forward. I rode the ElliptiGO later in the day to get in 45 minutes at a higher heart-rate since the trail run was at an easy effort.

Dec 21, Wednesday: Ok, I have a confession. Dr. Ball suggested that I ride the ElliptiGO today (run 2 days in a row, ElliptiGO every 3rd day) and then run 2 days in a row again. Well, I ran for 4 miles before riding the ElliptiGO because I’m a runner, the trials are only 3.5 weeks away and I’m freaking out a little. Anyway, the run went well and I averaged 7:30 pace and then I rode the ElliptiGO for 60 minutes on my usual hilly loop, pushing hard on the uphill sections.

Here’s my plan for the next 5 days:

Dec 22, Thursday: Run 13 miles with 4 of them at goal marathon pace (around 6:45)

Dec 23, Friday: Ride the ElliptiGO for 60 minutes

Dec 24, Saturday: 8 mile easy run

Dec 25, Sunday: 18 mile run with the goal of running the last five miles at goal marathon pace. PLEASE, let everything feel good so I can accomplish this run. I really need a depoist into my confidence bank!!

Dec 26, Monday: Elliptical machine. We will be out of town on a family ski trip in Park City for the next 4 days. Hopefully the streets will be clear and runable.

Believe, Train, Become,

Susan Loken

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