Posted by: Susan Loken | December 6, 2011

Where there is a will there is a way!

I'm a runner, how do you ride this?

I’m currently training for the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials with an injury and I will do whatever it takes to stay fit, stay strong, and make it to the starting line ready to rock out 26.2 miles with the fastest ladies in the USA!

This weekend I started training on the EliptiGO outdoor elliptical bicycle ( and I am very excited! I love running outside because it not only keeps my body fit and ready for competition, but it also serves the purpose of boosting my mental health and keeping me centered. For me, a daily run outside is as routine and necessary as eating, sleeping and praying each day.

A few weeks ago Ai Sullivan sent me a link to the ElliptiGO website and said that she thought this could be the answer for me. Although I initially didn’t do anything about it, last week I had lunch with Lauran Fleshman (Top USA runner) and Jaymee Marty (2012 Olympic Trials Qualifier) and both of them cross-train on the ElliptiGo. With all these signs, I know this device will be the best opportunity for me to stay physically fit and mentally sane until the Trials.

This weekend, I began training on the ElliptiGO for the Olympic Trials! This bike will keep my cardiovascular system strong along with building core and leg strength. It will also keep me exercising outside! 

Nothing is going to stop me from finishing the Olympic Trials. Nothing!

The bike is easy to ride (after you get used to it) and so much fun! I will be able to simulate all my running workouts on this bike by changing the daily miles to minutes and by keeping my heart rate at the correct intensity for each mile. It looks like I will ride almost twice the distance of my running miles to get the same workout. I burn around 40 calories per mile on the ElliptiGo and I burn around 80 calories per mile running, so twice the distance on the bike would be about right.

The bike takes a little getting used to initially, and the first few times my hands hurt because I was gripping the handle bars so tightly. However, after a few days on the bike, I’m catching on. Don’t worry, I’m a safety girl, so I wear a helmet and watch for cars.

Ready to go for a test spin!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      At first I wasn’t comfortable enough to go fast enough to get my heart rate up and I started getting worried, however, after talking with Bryan Pate, the Co-Founder and Co-President of ElliptiGo I found out that I  simply needed to correct a few things. In running language…My running form sucked and I was trying way too hard!

A few beginner tips for riding the ElliptiGo

1. Ride in a lower gear (3-4)

2. Increase my turnover/cadence.

3. Stand up tall and get my butt out of the bucket.

4. Loose grip on the handle bars, not a death grip.

5. Relax and Enjoy, stop trying so hard.

Well, all the riding tips paid off and today I ROCKED that bike! I rode for about an hour and my heart rate averaged around 139-149 bpm (my easy run pace) at a 4:16-4:30 minute per mile pace. My lactate threshold is 165 bpm. I’m working on getting comfortable at a faster speed before I begin speed or LT  workouts. I’m not a biker, so all this is in “running” language.

I did try running this morning, but my hamstring isn’t ready yet. It was a little sad, but after an hour on the ElliptiGo the sadness went away and was replaced with hope.

 I will keep you posted weekly on my progress.

Say Cheese!


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  2. […] story about elite marathon runner Susan Loken and our Chandler, AZ store. As you can read on her blog, Susan is training for the 2012 Olympic Marathon Trials, but an injury hampered her ability to […]

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