Posted by: Susan Loken | September 30, 2011

All I can do is laugh at myself today (and you are free to do so as well)!

Sometimes you just have to laugh at yourself!!

First, let me explain the setting.  As I posted earlier, I currently have an injury that doesn’t let me run or even ride a bike.  I can swim (not my favorite) or use an elliptical trainer.  I’ll choose the elliptical trainer over swimming laps anyday. And I use that phrase “swim” loosely – if you’ve seen me swim, you’d understand.

So today I go to the YMCA to get 60 minutes of x-training in on the elliptical. Unfortunately, there isn’t any aerobic activity I like to do that remotely compares to my love of running.  Also, I’m not a big fan of exercising indoors either, even if on a treadmill.  So cross-training, indoors, on an elliptical machine is a real challenge for me!

Challenge or not, I’m here and ready to get to work.  I set my iPod on some great music, jump on the elliptical and start going.  I’m getting into my zone, feeling pretty good at my progress and then decide to look at my watch. Five minutes?  I’ve only been on this contraption for five minutes?  UGH, this is going to be a long, slow, challenging hour, I told myself.

I was a bit bored, and looking for something to interest me for the next 55 minutes, and so my eyes start wondering.  Right next to me I find what will be my interest, my focus, and my purpose for the next 50 or so minutes.  You see, next to me was a woman who was also gliding back and forth on an elliptical machine.  I casually glanced over at  her settings (I know that is tacky, but it gets worse) and I noticed that my speed was faster than hers!  But, that is not all, I also discovered that I had already gone farther than she had and it looked like she had been on it a little bit before me since she had a good sweat starting.

Ok, now I had a goal and a purpose.  My goal was now to see how far ahead of her I could get at an intensity level that was 10 points harder than what she was going (10 points!).  Now, in hindsight, I guess I really didn’t have a purpose. But, at the time, thinking that I had a purpose helped me justify silently competing with this nice woman, who was just there to get in a workout in peace!

So, here I am at the local YMCA racing against some innocent lady that was just wanting to get her workout in before her days begins. Well, she got off at 30 minutes and I was 1.5 miles ahead of her! YES! So, for the next 30 minutes, I alternated one minute with arms and one minute with legs and kept the pace at 7:30 minutes per mile and the intensity level at 15. Wow, I was rocking now! Next thing I knew my 60 minutes was up. Well, I ended up staying on that thing for 5 more minutes, just because.

So, that was my morning. A special thank you to the lady I ‘raced.’ I know you had no idea that I was trying to kick your butt, but I did, and it helped boost my confidence just a little when I could use it.

Kind of pathetic?  Absolutely!  But I can’t run, I’m not competing in the TCM on Sunday and I needed something to boost me up. So all I can do is laugh at myself today (and you are free to do so as well)!

Hmmm … I wonder how my competition will stack up tomorrow at elliptical row. I’m ready to silently take on all comers and bring my A game!


  1. Ok I can feel your pain. Maybe we should have a elliptical race?? I am sure that would end us both into trouble. Hang in there! Focus on what you can do not what you can’t do.

  2. I can SO relate to this!! I had no one to race but my goal was to see how fast I could get my first drop of sweat to hit the floor and then to see how big I could make my puddle. Pathetic is right!!!
    However, in hind site, I think going to hard on the elliptical is what delayed my healing. Too much resistance. So beware my friend!

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