Posted by: Susan Loken | September 30, 2011

Setbacks are temporary

Setbacks are temporary situations that detour our success journey, that’s all.

Ok, here is one of the most important lessons about goal setting that I can share with you.


When you set a goal, detours, setbacks and even failure can happen along the way. You must make sure to view this setback or failure as a temporary situation on your way to success. Missing or detouring around one goal along the way is only a failure if you give up. Stay focused on your objective; make a new plan to navigate around your obstacle, adjust your course but stay on track to achieve your goals!

2011 has been one detour after another for me, but I’m navigating around each detour and my goal is to get back on track. If you have been running for years, as I have, you know there are great years and years that are full of detours. Yep, I’m looking forward to 2012 baby!

Dr. Ball located the small tear (sometimes called a strain or pull) in my biceps femoris. The good news…we know where the tear is at, and it’s in a spot that has lots of blood flow for faster healing! Yippee!  The bad news… I’m still not running and I’m definitely not racing in the Twin Cities Marathon on Sunday. Yes, this is a huge disappointment.  But what I do know is that I did my best and gave a good fight during this entire training cycle; always keeping my eye and focus on my goal. So I’m now navigating this detour and now setting my sights on another goal on my journey to the 2012 USA Olympic Trials. 

So what is my goal and detour Plan? Goal one and only . . . get 100% healthy so I can train. 

And what is my detour plan to get to my goal?  It is:

  • Daily core work
  • Strength exercises 2 x per week (keeping hamstring out of this is a challenge!)
  • Watch my calorie intake since I’m not running 75 miles this week
  • Sleep in with my hubby this weekend (what a treat!!)
  • See Dr. Ball a couple times a week AND do the what he tells me to do (or not do) between visits
  • Swim or Elliptical every day or at least every other day (nope, not crazy about this option, but I will do it!)

So embrace your detours in training (and in life).  They will ultimately make you a strong runner, better competitor and a more rounded person!


  1. You have got the right attitude!! It has been a battle the last few months but we shall overcome!! Half the reason I can stay positive through my challenges is your inspiration!

  2. coach 青山

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