Posted by: Susan Loken | September 20, 2011

Final Training Days before Twin Cities!!

On Sunday, I ran my final long run before Twin Cities, 18 miles at an average pace of 7 minutes per mile and I felt great before, during and after!! Starting temperature was only 72 degrees. This is our reward for enduring 90-plus degree starting temperatures for the past 2 months. Loving Arizona again!

This morning my track workout was 10 x 800 in 2:50. Unfortunately, at the end of the fifth 800 my hamstring decided to flare up and stop me. Dang, I was having such a great workout, it felt hard, yet comfortable. I knew my hammy felt a little funny, but I didn’t expect this. I did the smart thing and ran easy for a couple of laps to see if it would loosen up and stop hurting. It didn’t, so I called it a day. I will have Dr. Ball work on it today. With only 12 days until the TCM it is much better to play it safe. Bottom line is, there is nothing in the next few days I can do to improve my fitness, but there a lot I can do to hurt my fitness … like get injured!

Channel 12 News Segment in August

Onto a different subject. I’m on Channel 12 today at 1 p.m. talking about the Women’s Half Marathon and giving a few nutrition tips! This will be my third time doing a TV segment for the Women’s half this year. I will try and get a copy of the interview and link to my blog.

I love this race and love the fact that it is just for women!! Last year we had 87 Team Sole Sisters finish this race, and let me tell you this, it was priceless watching each of them finish. You see, many of them would not have trained for a half marathon, but having a half marathon in town that was just for women gave them that extra motivation they needed to try it. See, all you have to do is try and you can do almost anything!!

Final thought today …

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to TRY!!

Believe, Train, Become

Susan Loken 🙂

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