Posted by: Susan Loken | September 8, 2011

The new mantra

Believe it! Train it! Become it!

I’m excited to let you all know about a new shirt that is now available on Etsy (click HERE to check it out). By purchasing this shirt you are committing to believing in yourself, training as if you’re going to succeed and becoming whatever you dream. PLUS for every shirt purchased, 20 percent (the net proceeds) will go straight to Chances for Children – Arizona While you are becoming your dream, your shirt purchase will help us help others become their dream. Chances for Children is an organization dedicated to providing this same opportunity for children that otherwise couldn’t afford it.

Here’s the story behind the mantra:  Believe It. Train It. Become it.

Growing up I was the girl that skipped gym class. Icky sweat and exercise would have ruined my fabulous Farah Fawcett hair!

At the age of 36, I was living in a new state, feeling out of shape from the birth of my third son, had no “me” time and had no friends.

I was desperate – so desperate that I was willing to sweat! I went for a run and it actually felt good. Sweating wasn’t that bad either! My baby weight dropped off and I met my first running friend. That new friend suggested that we train for a marathon. I didn’t even know how long a marathon was. I had to ask my friend. 26.2 miles, I was told. Whoa! I was afraid running that far could cripple me, but I was assured that wouldn’t happen so we trained for a marathon!

As I crossed the finish line of my first marathon with huge crocodile tears of joy, a smile so big that it hurt my face, and really, ugly sweaty hair, I knew that I was changed forever! If I could finish a marathon, I could do anything! I believed in myself. I trained with passion knowing success would follow. In doing so, I gained the confidence to understand that I could become whatever I dreamed!

From that moment forward I Believed, I Trained and I Became a 3-time USA Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier, 4-time USA Masters Marathon Champion and 3-time winner of the More Marathon in NYC. Oh, and a girl that loved her icky, sweaty hair!

I share my passion for running by coaching others to Believe it, Train it, Become it! I’m the program director for Chances for Children – Arizona, where I coach fundraising running teams. The funds we raise help develop fitness and nutrition programs for Arizona’s less-fortunate youth. I’m also starting up BTB (Believe, Train, Become) coaching for runners that would like personal, one-on-one coaching.

Commit to …
Believing in yourself
Training as if you will succeed
Becoming whatever you dream

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