Posted by: Susan Loken | August 26, 2011

AFC Half Marathon

First, I’d like to say congratulations to my Bandido teammates for another cleanup at the award ceremony! It was a blast watching our coach (John Reich) win top Master, another training partner (the adorable Arianna Hilborn) win 2nd Overall and many others win division awards. LOVE IT and LOVE MY TRAINING PARTNERS!

Bandidos showing off their awards! Love my peeps

SOOOO, my race was a fair and accurate indication of my current fitness. Nope, not where I would like it to be, but I still have time to improve and my mind is in the right place. My mind is in the zone, baby, and I’m ready to be out of this funk and running strong!I ran a 1:22:36 (6:15 pace) which was good for 1st in my age division, 13th overall female and 3rd master (good for 100 bucks).

How do I feel about my race? Well, good question. I gave it a hard, consistent effort for 13.1 miles. I followed my rule of never letting the pain lessen. Sometimes, when your pace starts to fall off, even with hard effort, your mind let’s you settle for plan B. I didn’t do that. I kept trying to get back on pace for a 1:20 finish time. In other words, my mental toughness was there! Yippee! July training put a little fear into me. My speed was off, but I gave it my all. I could have kept up that pace for another 13 miles, I just couldn’t go faster and for that reason I know my Twin Cities Marathon time will be at least a 2:44, and after a few more weeks of training, even faster!

One of the many reasons that I love the marathon is we all have a chance to win! The winner is not always the fittest runner, or the runner with the best resume. The winner is the person who believes in themself, has mental toughness, never gives up and excels on that particular day.

Me, Arianna (teammate), and Mary (friend from all my years of racing)

AFC Half Marathon

1:22:36, 6:15 pace




4-5:25 (downhill)



8-6:22 (goal for miles 6-10 was a 6:10 pace)



11-6:32 (maybe I could have pushed harder, maybe?)

12-6:58 (I was pushing hard up this hill, really I was!


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