Posted by: Susan Loken | May 4, 2011

Goal for Santa Barbara Half Marathon

Santa Barbara Half Marathon on Saturday … Goal: 1:20:50 (6:10 pace)

I won this race in 2007 and 2008. Yes, it would be FUN to win this again, however, my 1st goal is ALWAYS a time goal based on where my fitness level is currently at. I have no control over the fitness level of the other ladies that are racing, so I worry about myself first and foremost. That said, when there is good competition you often push harder, dig deeper and achieve more than you ever thought possible. Never be intimidated by faster runners, always look at faster runners as opportunity for the best in you to come out! I try to surround myself with runners that are faster, stronger and more talented than me because it motivates me to improve! Side note: Also surround yourself with positive people. Positivity simply feels wonderful and makes you feel good. Negativity can zap your energy and bring you down. Choose to be positive!


  1. Great message, Susan. Have a great race.

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