Posted by: Susan Loken | April 24, 2011

March 12 – Bandidos 15k

My good friend Stephanie, her girls, Sally’s sister Sam and me after the race. Sally #1!

Congrats to the Bandido’s for putting on a first class race! I can see this race growing and attracting some of the fastest running talent in the USA. Check it out and sign up next year!

This race was about Sally! I enjoyed celebrating Sally – I wore Sally’s favorite pink compression socks, a skirt and long top.

I ran a 59:36 (6:23 pace).  Yes, there were a couple hills, but really my main goal for this race was to honor Sally, not race fast. In perspective: I’ve ran at least 10 marathons in sub 2:45:00 (6:15 pace).

To feel fast, I usually wear short socks, itsy bitsy shorts and a jog bra. The new outfit didn’t work for me. Also, my heart was heavy. Nothing felt good. I did try running fast, but bottom line is that I wasn’t in shape. I needed to buckle down and train hard with consistency.

Lesson: We all need a consistent training cycle that includes speed, tempo, hills and endurance to run our best. Consistency is “key!” If you mix in a few inconsistent weeks of training, don’t plan on running your best times. Also, wear what you feel fast in and never anything new on race day.


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