Posted by: Susan Loken | April 24, 2011

April 3 – Carlsbad 5k

In the three weeks leading up to this race, I ran an average of 58 miles per week. I had a couple of  solid track workouts with mile repeats  – all under 5:55 pace – and 1,000s in 3:30 – at 5:38 pace.

During the race, I ran a very disappointing 18:51 (6:03 pace) and placed 10th master. I went out way too fast – and I know better! I hit the one mile split in 5:30. Mile 2 was 6:07 and Mile 3 was a death march at 6:23. How could someone want to drop out of a 5k?!

Lesson: (Another reminder) Don’t go out too fast in a 5k or you will pay for it! If you go out too fast, you pretty much always lose way more in the end then you gain in the beginning. Don’t do it folks. Just be patient and trust yourself!

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