Posted by: Susan Loken | April 24, 2011

April 16 – Pat’s Run

I was ready for this one, with a couple more weeks of consistent training under my belt, my normal racing outfit (sidenote: I wish I could race in Sally’s pink socks, but I’m sure she’s fine with my new pink watch that I wear to keep her spirit with me.)  and a plan of not going out too fast.

I finished in 24:50 (5:55 pace).  Finally, I had race results that makes me happy. Most importantly, I felt great the entire race. One step forward and one deposit into my confidence bank.

Lesson: Look at each training session and training race as withdraws or deposits into your confidence bank. Withdraws are the priceless lessons you learn from challenging workouts or races. Deposits are training sessions or races that you nail. Each is extremely important to your overall success. That said, when you line up for your goal race and you are attempting your dream goal, you want to have a lot more deposits than withdraws. With each deposit we get a little closer to believing that we can.

And we all know that we must believe to acheive.

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