Posted by: Susan Loken | April 23, 2011

Catch up

I haven’t blogged for over a month and I want to recap some things before I give updates on my training.

Why is running a personal record important to me in my late 40’s – after I’ve qualified for the 2012 USA Olympic Trials? In my heart and gut, I feel that I have not run my fastest marathon. I won’t let age set limits for me. I’m following my heart and my desire.

A few quick facts about my racing history. I’ve completed 23 marathons and 37 half marathons – but only  12 10k’s and 14 5k’s. And I want to get faster – hmmm, do you think I should run more short stuff? HAHA! The thing is, I don’t like to race 10ks and 5ks. But I know that in order to improve, you can’t continue to do what you’ve already done or you will continue to get the same results (in my case a 2:44 marathon, over and over again)!  So, after 10 years of mostly marathons you will begin to see me at shorter distance races. You gotta do what you’re not as good at. I will improve my shorter speed!

As far as the ups and downs of the last month … I wrote about my disappointing performance at the Austin Half Marathon on Feb. 20. I had a slight improvement at the Run for Ryan House on March 5. But, physically and mentally, I wasn’t where I need to be.

It was clear I had some work to do before running my next marathon. It was also clear that the Boston Marathon was too close to achieve my “dream goal.” So, as I posted on March 6, I re-adjusted my goal and decided to pass on racing the Boston Marathon. I really want to be in PR shape for my next marathon. I want to be on that starting line with 120% confidence that I have trained to the best of my ability and given myself the best chance possible of running a personal record.

I’m happy I dropped out of Boston and decided to run short races for a big change.

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