Posted by: Susan Loken | March 4, 2011

2011 Run for Ryan House

Today, I ran the Run for Ryan House Half marathon in DC Ranch with the goal of having a great training run.

It was a comfortable run (ok, not that comfortable because of the hills). And realized how much two weeks of solid training has done for my fitness. Running Austin two weeks ago I simply felt awful. I just couldn’t get into my race, mind and body. Today, I felt very much in control and was able to speed up when needed (to pass the girl in first place) and focus on form, breathing etc. Although my goal wasn’t to race, I did get caught up in it.

Finish time: 1:24:45.

Splits: 5:59   6:10   6:44   6:18   7:01   6:12   6:19   6:45   6:28   6:35   7:21   6:21   6:18

A big congrats to two of my teammates for placing 3rd overall! Terri Antonino and Bret Bernacchi.

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