Posted by: Susan Loken | February 15, 2011

Reflecting on Track

It’s been an hour since I left the track (see my last post). 

I began to let myself feel disappointed, and then I started thinking about why my workout didn’t go well and what I could learn from it. It didn’t take much to recognize and accept the problem. I have not put the work in, so I should not expect to be where I was when I did put the work in. My training has only been consistent for the past two weeks! Who do I think I am, Superwoman? Not! I have to remember that I have gotten faster since two weeks ago.

The best thing about today’s “failed” workout is this. I am so motivated to improve that I can actually taste it!

 I will give all I have on Sunday. 1:20:50 is still the goal – if I come close to that I’ll be thrilled. The results will be the true test of how much work I have ahead of me. I will accept where I am, and work with John Reich (my coach) to get where I need to be by April 20.

From today until the Boston Marathon I will train hard, eat perfect (well, almost perfect), get plenty of sleep and believe that I will run a 2:44 or better in Boston.

I’m really fired up and motivated to improve.


  1. […]  It is very difficult, for me and for every runner, to overcome “failed” workouts. We must accept that we will have good and bad workouts. I’ve never met a runner that has only experienced good workouts. (Ha!) […]

  2. About the eating perfectly, in the month before a marathon my mantra before I consumer anything questionable, is – eat for speed, eat for speed, eat for speed. It find it helps me remember why I have to watch what I eat. Most other times, I can eat more or less what I want.

    Good luck!


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