Posted by: Susan Loken | February 14, 2011

Long run before Austin Half Marathon

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Tell your loved ones that you love them … not just on Valentine’s day, but every chance you get! 

We leave Friday for the Austin Half Marathon. I’m eager to get a true test of where my fitness is. Training has been going well as I in inch up in miles each week (ran 68 miles last week). I feel good – and no injury!

I ran an 18-mile long run with Arianna Sunday (one of the fastest and sweetest chicks in Arizona!) and some other awesome Bandido teammates, and it went well. My average pace was 6:58, with miles 13 to 16 at 6:30 pace.  My endurance is there, it’s my speed that is taking it’s time to come back. I still have 9 weeks until Boston. From experience, I know I can get there. I’m staying motivated and focused as I improve a little each week!

Based on my training, I should run a 1:21ish half in Austin. It would be nice if I were in shape to run it in 1:19, but I know I’m not. Yes, I BELIEVE in dreaming big, but I have to be realistic.

I’ve been doing this long enough to know what I’m capable of.

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