Posted by: Susan Loken | December 2, 2010

It happens!

#1 Goal…Fix hamstring!

#2 Goal…Train for a PR in Boston!

It happens! After achieving a dream goal, your mind is so excited and eager to start training for the next dream goal, but your body has an injury and needs a detour before it lets your very excited mind train your body.

Yes, I’m injured. I started a new training cycle at the beginning of November and noticed a little bit of hamstring tightness. I kept running, but now it’s to the point that I better let it rest for a couple weeks.

In order to achieve my next goal, my body must be 100% healthy.

When you’re injured, it’s easy to let your thoughts become negative, but I’m nixing that! No negative thoughts for me! I’m going to concentrate on what I can do:

I can cross-train. I can strength train. I can get massages. I can gently stretch. I can eat healthy. I I can take time off of running to give my hammy time to completely heal.

You see, injury happens to most of us runners at some time or another. Instead of getting upset, angry or sad, just take a training detour, do everything you can to heal, and, before you know it you’ll be back on track.

Boston is 5 months away. I have all of December to rehab my hamstring. By January 1, I’ll be back to training completely!

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