Posted by: Susan Loken | September 30, 2010

The last few weeks

 The last two weeks of marathon training  are hard mentally. There is nothing left you can do to improve your fitness, but there is a lot you can do to hurt your fitness.

All the little aches and pains that you feel on a normal basis and think nothing of are now magnified in your mind as possible injury. You trip a little walking down the curb, and you’re afraid that you twisted your ankle. Someone walks in your house with a cold, and you run out the back door so you don’t share the same air with them.

If you’re not prepared for this part of marathon training, negative thoughts can creep in, or worse, you might add in a few extra miles or some last-minute speed work. Luckily, I’ve experienced these last few weeks before and I know I won’t lose my fitness in two weeks. I know I won’t fall and break my leg. I know I won’t gain 100 lbs.I know I won’t get sick. HOWEVER, it takes a lot of positive self talk to know all that! But, you have to trust in your training and stick to the plan.

Most important, you have to believe that you have done everything that you can and feel good about it.


  1. Susan, you could not have said that better. Good luck!!!!! I will be cheering you on from WI!

  2. Congrats on your 2:44 marathon . So happy for you!!

    • Toya, Do you have a race coming up? Hope to see you and tony soon!!

      • No, I am still trying to regian my fitness after a long lay off due to health issues. I was “maintaining” but lost a lot of quality/speed. I hope to be up and racing the first of the year.

  3. Susan — congrats on so many things Sunday — an incredible time, reclaiming your title, hitting the qualifier by a large margin and getting engaged! What an amazing day — and I loved reading your race report. You’ve inspired me for hopefully an equally satisfying day in Chicago on Sunday — with that said, I don’t think I’ll get a medal with an engraved proposal on the back. How creative is that? Enjoy your recovery and relish the fact you’ve accomplished something incredible. I’m very happy for you –

    • Susan, Fill me in on your Chicago race!! I look forward to seeing you at the 2012 Olympic trials!! Please keep in touch!!!

  4. I sort of found your blog site accidentally, but your blog captured my eye and I thought that I’d post to tell you that I really like it.

    • Thanks Cliff!!! 🙂

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