Posted by: Susan Loken | September 12, 2010

Recovered and ready

Something I re-learned today is to run your own workout, and run your own race!

Training partners are priceless, however, be careful to stick to your own plan and only run with them when it fits into your plan. Yes, I would of liked to pick up the pace and run with Ariana today, but that was NOT in my best interest. My body needed a long endurance run only. By running too fast, I could risk getting injured or getting sick (I’ve been fighting coming down with something this week). Talk with your training partners before your run so everyone knows eachother’s game plan and how best they can work together. Ron had 22 miles today, so he ran 2 before we got there. Ariana and Jeff had pick-ups, so Ron and I held eachother back (OK, Ron held me back).

The week following the AFC half, my tempo and speed workout sessions were awful. It reminded me that my YOUNG body needs to rest after races. My coach is good, and listens to all my feedback. Thankfully, he only scheduled me with easy runs the week following the Disneyland half. I ran around 50 miles this week – all easy. By today, I felt recovered and ready for my final 20 mile run.

 I met the gang (Ron, Ariana, Susie and Jeff) at 4:30 a.m. for our long run. My schedule said 20 miles at a comfortable pace, so I had to be careful as to not get sucked into running the last 5 miles hard, as Ariana and Jeff had planned. However, as they took off, I did too. Competitive instinct, I guess. Luckily, Ron reined me in. Thanks Ron! I felt great the entire run.

Our splits were: 807,739,726,732,709,702,705,713,706,711,705,705,704,654,641,638,634,649,640,638.

 It’s funny, but because I missed speed work last week I’m actually eager for track on Tuesday! This really tells me that my mental attitude is back, too. Last year, I dreaded track workouts (ha, so I didn’t do them!).

Have a goal, stick to your plan, never give up, and you will get there! Three weeks until Twin Cities!

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