Posted by: Susan Loken | September 5, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon Part 3: The Race

The Disneyland Half Marathon. It’s been on my bucket list, and now I can check it off!

I’ll describe the race in two words … happy and magical!

 Disney puts on exactly what you expect – a class act race. It was organized, clean, full of happy volunteers, plenty of electric lights and the best start/finish race announcer keeping us motivated and entertained. The course starts in Downtown Disney, continues through Disney’s California Adventure, passes Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and The Matterhorn, and heads out to Angel Stadium, before finishing back at Downtown Disney.

When I’m racing I don’t sightsee at all, I’m focused with the task at hand, however, I felt an extra pep in my step as we ran through Disneyland, and an extra surge of energy as we passed through Angel Stadium with huge crowd roars, and big screen.

Honestly, my race couldn’t have gone better. Yippee! As usual, I had to work hard for the first few miles until I settled into my “zone” and “pace.” After that, I kept checking and I was ahead of my 6:09 goal pace.

Mile 8 was a little slow (6:13) because I tucked behind these two guys and broke my rule – I got comfortable.

 When I realized the pace had slowed I darted off and ran the next mile in 6:03. At mile 10, I could see the girl in second place (I was in 3rd). I instantly upped the intensity to try and narrow the gap, and maybe pass her. Unfortunately, her pace didn’t slow. I had to continue to push harder. I increased my pace on mile 11, 12 and 13, but still finished 9 seconds behind her (dang, mile 8!).

I finished in 1:19:15! Yes! Extra confidence going into Twin Cities. My goal was to run faster than 1:20:50, and I did it.

Can I just say one more thing…It was soooo fun receiving a trophy from Mickey Mouse! It was magical!

My Splits:
6:13 (Made a mistake here. I started drafting behind two guys and got comfortable)

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