Posted by: Susan Loken | September 5, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon Part 2: “Corraling”

I corraled my way around the rules for the start of this race. I realize I’m a bit spoiled/fortunate at most races, with an Elite bib number.  Usually I warm up for 30 minutes, go to the bathroom (again) do a few strides, then race. Not the case for this one.

I was late to sign up, so luckily my announcer friend Rudy was KIND enough to help me with an entry. My bib number was in a very high number, in corral G. That presented a problem if I wanted to run a fast time. I went for a quick 10 minute jog, and then … shhh… snuck into corral A. I covered my bib with my shirt, so other runners wouldn’t get upset that I wasn’t way back in corral G, as my bib said I should be.

I hid there patiently for 30 minutes, waiting for the race to start.

Actually, it was fun. Rudy, the announcer, did a fabulous job keeping us motivated and entertained. I was thrilled that I was about to run the Disneyland Half! As they moved our corral forward, I finally took off long sleeve shirt, apologizing to my new friends around me. I promised that I could keep up with them, even if my bib said I should be back a few corrals.

This was not comfortable for me! I’m a rule follower!

I caught Bill close to the start. He was very anxious, wondering where the heck I had been. Funny – he said they would have been happy to let me up in the front. UGH, so I didn’t have to hide for 30 minutes!

Quickly, I jumped to the front. BANG. The gun went off.

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