Posted by: Susan Loken | September 5, 2010

Disneyland Half Marathon Part 1: Pre-race

We arrived at Disneyland Saturday afternoon and went to the fun, organized Disney expo. It’s funny, Disneyland always makes me feel like a kid again! Maybe it’s Main Street, with it’s old-fashioned, clean fun, or the Disney characters that just make you smile (and believe that they are real -yes, I know they aren’t, but it’s like Christmas – it’s just more fun to believe!). The expo had an extra-magical, Disneyland feel. I couldn’t stop smiling. We walked around a little, went to a nice dinner and then headed back to the hotel. I wanted to save my legs, not only for the race, but for all day at Disneyland, too!

I went through my normal night, getting everything ready the night before. Race mornings are already full of anxiety, so by having everything laid out perfectly helps for a more relaxing and calm morning.

Read about what my “routine” looks like by clicking here.

Into a bit more detail than my last entry on race mornings … The most important thing for me (and most runners) is to go number 2 before I leave for a race (yes, a little personal, but runners get this). I jumped out of bed, and after a half a cup of coffee, I still hadn’t gone to the bathroom, so I left the hotel for a quick 10-minute jog to get the system “moving.” Luckilly, it worked! You see,  it just took coffee and a little jog. After, I went through my routine, then put on my believe necklace (you must believe to achieve), and finally my faith bracelet (your worries end where Faith begins).

We walked to the start.

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