Posted by: Susan Loken | August 31, 2010

Heat check

Does weather make a difference?

Y    E    S    !

 This morning was the first speed session in a long time that I felt great before, during and after. I owe it to the 70 degree temps this morning!

My philosopy that I use to motivate myself while training during the hot Arizona summer conditions is simple. I know that running when it is this hot out will make me so much faster and more mentally tough when cooler weather comes around. To stay positive and not beat myself up during the summer training months, I have had to remind myself of this theory often, especially during the past few weeks.

Did you know that during training sessions on hot days, two-thirds of the energy produced by your muscles is lost as your body trys to cool itself down? The majority of your blood is sent to your skin for cooling, so less blood flows to your working muscles. This means that your heart must beat faster to run at a given pace.

Of course we run slower when it’s 2, 000 degrees out, but for some reason we still have to remind ourselves why. I’ve trained hard during the summer for years, and I still have to work hard to stay positive and trust that the results of my efforts will be rewarded. Remember this next time you’re working up a sweat!

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