Posted by: Susan Loken | August 13, 2010

Fitness Test: AFC Half Marathon

I leave Saturday, after our Team Sole Sisters long run, to San Diego to run the AFC half.  It’s my first “test race” to see where my fitness really is at!

UGH … I’m nervous, excited and scared!

I’ve ran this race several times in the past. So, my results will tell me everything I need to know. It will tell me how close I am to being ready to qualify for the Olympic Trials. I’ve run a 1:18:56 to a 1:21:39 at this race, and then run marathons from 2:43:19-2:45:00. So, that tells me I need to run around a 1:21:39 (6:13 pace) or better.

My goal is to stay under a 6:15 pace. The first miles will be a little faster due to downhill, but the final miles will be a little slower due to uphill, so it all evens out. The toughest part of this race is the middle flat sections. You can fly for the first 10K, and then it’s flat until the hills heading up to Balboa park. I just remember having to dig deep mentally to stay on pace from mile 6 to 10. I am already mentally prepared for the hard working running up the hills.

I guess we’ll see!

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