Posted by: Susan Loken | August 12, 2010


The word balance sounds so simple, yet it’s such a hard thing to achieve.

I spent the last two weeks of July on Coronado Island with my family. Goal was to run each day, do yoga at the local yoga studio two times a week and get a couple weight session in. Heck, I didn’t have work and had 24 hours a day to do nothing but be with my family and workout. Do you know how fast 24 hours goes by?  By the time I returned back to our condo every morning my family would be getting up. Then, off we were at the beach, in the ocean, at the zoo, kayaking, biking and eating at fun restaurants every day. So, no yoga or strength training for me. But it was at least 8 hours of sleep each night, confidence building runs, and family time.

Life is good!

I woke up every morning and did my prescribed running  workouts and – let me tell you – confidence builders.

Cool weather + beautiful scenery (beach/ocean) + extra sleep = phenomenal training!

Nailed every workout. I ran a 16 mile run and 10 of the miles were under a 6:20 pace! I ran another 15 mile run with 8 of the miles under 6:10, not to mention my first 20 miler at a 7-minute pace. Slowly, but surely my speed and fitness is coming back.

Returning home from vacation – it’s work, events, meetings, kids, social commitments and sleep (sleep, what’s that?). First week back was out of balance. Runs were awful (I couldn’t hit a workout for the life of me!), sleep was limited. So, I made a smart decision and decided to SKIP my 18 mile run on Sunday and sleep in! Yes, sometimes the best thing for you to do to get faster and stronger is to miss training and sleep! You must listen to your body! My body needed rest, not training. So, I listened …

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