Posted by: Susan Loken | August 10, 2010

Fast Women

It’s exciting for me to introduce a project that has been a long time coming.

I’ll soon be featured in a documentary, “Fast Women,” produced by my friend George Delis and his wife Eve.

A few years ago, George Delis and Eve started filming the documentary. It follows two other women besides me (Suzy Schumacher and Karla Sokolovich) through the years as each of us tried qualifying for the Olympic Trials in 2004 and 2008. It also followed another friend, June Estrada, as she tried to qualify for Boston.

It’s a very exciting time for me – the film is complete and we had the opportunity to view it on Friday night. Let me just say, it really captured how much work, dedication, passion, determination, highs and lows go into training for such a goal. Wow. Excellent job George and Eve. And here I go again trying for yet one more Olympic Trials. I must say, the filmed gave me motivation!

Check out the trailer! (Click here.)

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