Posted by: Susan Loken | August 8, 2010

Sole Sisters: Where Passion Meets Purpose

We all know it – sometimes we ladies forget to take care of ourselves. We work, we take care of everyone else, and then we are  simply exhausted and don’t make time for ourselves or our girlfriends. The truth is, when a women takes care of her health and fitness, nourishes her friendships, and has personal goals to work for, she has more happiness and energy to share with those she loves.

It is such a thrill to have the honor of coaching Team Sole Sisters, to bring women together for an outstanding purpose, and to have a little girl time.

Our purpose is directly linked to passion. Running has given me the greatest life purpose. Not only were all of those years I spent training extremely self-fulfilling, they also gave me experience, education and lessons that I can share with others. Nothing – and I mean nothing is more fulfilling then having the opportunity to help others achieve personal goals, especially women.

A bit of my “story” – I was a 35 year old stay home Mom feeling something was missing in my life because I wasn’t doing anything for myself. Through running, I found confidence to tackle any life problem. I found fitness that enabled me to keep up with a fast pace life. I found a passion that enables me to set personal goals. I feel alive and now have the please of making a lot of girlfriends feel alive, too.

You, too, can achieve your personal best. You can change their life. And I am so excited to be a small part of that. Go Sole Sisters!

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