Posted by: Susan Loken | July 15, 2010

Running Strong Together

Today’s track workout was not easy, but I got through it with inspiration from Flash and Ron each lap.

 2 x 2 miles in 12:00 w/ 4:00 & 2 x 1 in 5:50 w/ 3:00. I felt very much in control and was thrilled to nail another track workout.

I didn’t nail Sunday’s long run, but came very close.

18 miles w/ 2 x 4 miles at 6:20… Without the the support of Ron, John, Jeff, Andrew, Ariana and Tiffany, I wouldn’t of been able to do that hard of a workout in the heat and humidity.

One thing was common about both of these successful workouts. I didn’t do it alone. There is nothing like good training partners. Believe me – my success has not been a solo journey, and yours won’t be either. You need teammates and support to achieve your best.

The most rewarding part of coaching Team Chances is watching the friendships grow. Our team is family. We need one another to succeed. There is unexplainable comraderie amongst our members by the end of the season. It just so happens, too, that Team Chances members all tend to be charitable, goal-oriented and, well, just amazing people. Sometimes when I’m coaching track I can feel the goodness and the positive energy. It’s so inspiring.

A few reasons why you need a training partner:

– It’s so much better than doing it alone. It’s more fun, it’s more challenging. It’s easier. It’s just nice.

– It makes us accountable for our fitness and commitments. We don’t want to let our teammates down

– Together, we have an understanding of the pain, sweat, tears and joy that running brings.

– We know what hard work it takes to train for a half or full, so we share the joy of each other’s triumphs, and we help pick each other back up during challenges.  

Together, we can get through training and complete a marathon in our best personal time…Together, we can do anything.

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