Posted by: Susan Loken | July 4, 2010

4 on the 4th

When the alarm went off at 4:15 a.m. this morning, I eagerly got out of bed and said

“I love short races!”

You see, I started following my own advice. Act as if. Yes, when you “act as if” you are how or where you want to be then subconsciously you actually set the wheels in motion to help you succeed. I tell my runners that don’t like hills to say “I love hills” so often that, before they know it, they really do love hills!

So … I love short races!

My goal was a 6:10 pace, and to embrace this short distance.

 As we pulled up to the race the first people we saw were Team Chances members Nancy, Cathy and Andi. They were all decked out in their new Team Sole Sisters shirts (I was too!)  Seeing these amazing ladies simply made my day. Have I mentioned yet how amazing our members are? A little later (while in the porta-pottie line) I ran into another Team Chances member, Jen Bondeson (the incredible writer that edits and made this blog! – not deleted because I know Susan get angry with me) Jen wasn’t able to run the Tucson Marathon last  year that she trained so hard for because of a fracture, so it was especially nice to see her training again and at a race! Go Jen!

We lined up. Gun went off. Flash and I were off in a Flash.

(Ha, no pun intended!) I forgot my Garmin, so I would run this race by feel and effort level. We went through the first mile at just under a 6 minute pace and I felt great! I wasn’t breathing hard and felt comfortable. At the 5k mark I heard Flash say 18:20. I was still working at a comfortably hard pace and I was a little ahead of my 6:10 goal. Yippee! I just continued at the same effort level and was thrilled to finish at a 6 minute flat pace – 24 minutes. During the race, I just told myself to run relaxed and strong.

 Flash shared some “Flash wisdom” during our 2 mile cool-down (he loves the mile and 5k distance like I love the marathon) So… I’m already excited for my next 5k because …

I love short races!

 The morning was a success … My confidence is growing … I spent a little time with Team members … I caught up with some old runner friends … And I’m a little fitter than last month.

One step closer to qualifying for the 2012 Olympic Trials.

“Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.” – Charles F. Kettering


  1. So funny… was reading this after running a 5K and telling my coach. I hate short races. Never feel comfortable. Never get in rhythm, they just feel hard and abrupt. Then I read this… SOOO

    I love short races!

    My coach is making me do a 2 mile race in a couple weeks to work on speed for the marathon. YIKES. Grrr

    I love short races 😉
    Miss you,

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