Posted by: Susan Loken | July 3, 2010

Out of the comfort zone

On my run with Flash yesterday I confessed how anxious I was about my race tomorrow. I really, really, really dislike short distance races and the race is 4 miles.


A confession – Three weeks ago, I was scheduled for a 5K and choose to run an 18-mile long run instead. Yes, I will do anything to get out of a short-distance race.

Flash pointed out that sometimes you must do what you hate doing in order to improve. Since I’ve spent the last 5 years avoiding short distance like the plague, it’s definitely an area that I could grow so much in.

It always helps to have a plan for these sort of things. My plan: 6:10 pace to start, and hopefully I’ll finish the last two miles just a little faster.

Wish me luck on my race tomorrow. To all Team Chances members, when you are nervous about a race because it’s out of your comfort zone and I’m trying to talk you up and boost your mood, remember … I know how you feel!

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