Posted by: Susan Loken | July 2, 2010

Each run has a purpose

This week’s training was a good example of how each workout we perform during a training cycle has a purpose and, if executed correctly, our training will help us improve our fitness and accomplish our goal.

Read my next training entry (click here) to see how each of my runs this week will benefit my training in the long run.

Sunday: Long run. The purpose of long runs is to build endurance and develop a keen understanding of how “marathon pace” feels. If I run my miles that are supposed to be “marathon pace” too fast or too slow I won’t learn what my goal marathon pace feels like.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday: Active recovery days. The purpose of these is to recover between hard workouts. If done too fast it defeats the purpose and you won’t be fully recovered and ready for the purpose of your harder workouts.

Tuesday: Speed workout. The purpose of speed workouts is to improve speed, turnover and running economy.

Thursday: Steady + Race pace. The purpose of this steady run  was to finish around race pace. It’s important to teach your legs how it feels to run race pace when they are tired.

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