Posted by: Susan Loken | June 17, 2010

Flash wisdom

I’ve been running a lot with my friend Flash from Sole Sports. Not only am I benefitting from having a training partner that pushes me, I’m benefitting from all of his years of running knowledge. As we run, he shares stories from his past running, racing and coaching experiences. I learn something new on every run. I love it!

Flash has shared a lot of wisdom with me, but his wisdom of mental preparation and racing strategy really stuck with me.  One Flash quote…

You must spend as much time preparing mentally as you do physically. You need to have a race strategy.

See, the race isn’t usually won by the fastest runner, it’s won by the one with the best strategy, the one with the most confidence and the one that has mentally prepared for every possible situation.

 As I fall behind Flash on each hill, he reminds me, “we need to work on that” and gives me suggestions on ways to improve.

 Isn’t running wonderful. It gives you the opportunity to spend time with new people, become friends and learn along the way! Yesterday we ran 10 miles with one minute pick-ups. Our pick-ups were between a 5:04-5:20 pace. This is what happens when you run with someone named “Flash!”

For a little Flash wisdom of your own, stop into Sole Sports Running Zone. I’m sure Flash would be happy to share his experiences and advice with you as well!


  1. Wow, pick-ups at low 5:00’s would teach me a lot, hope you learned a lesson or two!

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