Posted by: Susan Loken | June 9, 2010

A good run

There are so many things I love about running, but nothing compares to the sweet feeling of accomplishment after nailing a workout! After “bombing” on last week’s 2 mile, 1 mile and 2 mile speed session, it felt especially self satisfying to nail tonight’s track workout.

My schedule said 16 x 400 at 1:24 each and, to be honest, I was a little nervous on my way to track. It was more than 100 degrees out and my speed is taking it’s sweet time coming back this season. After a good 30-minute warm-up we started. Ron Hyde came along for the workout (thank goodness!). Back in “the day,” Ron and I trained a lot together. He is such an inspiration to me – and such a good friend.

Our first 400 was 1:20. At that point I thought maybe we should slow down a little because we had 15 more 400’s to run…

If any of my Team Chances runners read this, they would remind me the idea I pound into their heads during track workouts – Don’t ever go out faster than your goal pace.

 The goal during track workouts is to make your last interval as fast or faster than the first. You never want to get slower during a track workout (unless you’re doing a ladder or it’s prescribed that way). If you begin too fast, this is often hard to accomplish. 

Anyway, the next 400 was 1:20 again and it was at a comfortable-hard effort level, so I decided to continue with that effort level and each and every 400 was 1:19-1:20 on the nose. Ron was always a couple seconds ahead of me.

Training with faster runners will bring out the best in you.

It’s been a while since I’ve trained with a group and, as I like to tell Team Chances, having a group of other runners to train with will inspire you to push yourself harder, to be accountable and to enjoy the journey that much more!

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