Posted by: Susan Loken | June 4, 2010

I am what I eat

As I’ve written in previous posts, now that I am back in training I can feel it when I eat bad… when I don’t eat enough… when I eat too much. It’s important for me to follow my own advice in the previous post (Nutrition Pointers). I want to check and see if I’m eating the best that I can and I’m giving myself every chance to succeed. I’m using (free fitness and nutrition tracker) to track the amount of nutrients I put in my body, so I can ensure if I’m getting the proper amounts of carbs, protein and fat at the right times of day.

To maintain my body weight of 110 pounds and to have enough energy for my workouts, I need 2,000 daily calories. Here’s the breakdown: Carbs 50% (250 g)     Protein 30% (75 g)     Fat 20% (44 g)

Tracking my nutrients will help me pay attention to my diet. By seeing on paper what I am actually eating, I can make adjustments to my diet. Hopefully, this will help me improve not only how I perform, but also how I feel each day.

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