Posted by: Susan Loken | June 1, 2010

You Are What You Think

Remember this guy? You may laugh, but Forrest Gump can truly be an inspiration to us runners, if we let him.

Forrest ran, and he ran far. Even though no one believed he could, he did, and that’s all it took. Forrest’s positive spirit should set an example for every short- or long-distance runner. You can’t let negative thoughts destroy what you’ve set out to do. And once you decide you want to do something, you have to convince yourself that you are able to do it.

Today’s workout proved, once again, that you are what you think!

What does that phrase mean to me? I try to always think and act as if I already have reached my goals. This keeps “the wheels” rolling in the right direction. If you spend your training and your off-hours thinking negative thoughts and thinking that something will never happen – guess what? It never will. Unconsciously, you have the power to prevent things.

But your power isn’t all bad. You can funnel positive thoughts into your training in the same way. Positive self-talk can help you achieve all of your goals. If you believe that you are getting fitter, stronger and faster, you will see results.

As for me… I just keep telling myself, If you nail most of your workouts going forward, your speed and fitness will return!

I know, and therefore, I am.

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