Posted by: Susan Loken | June 1, 2010

Tricks for Speedwork

You’re mid-workout, you’re feeling great, and then all the sudden you lose it.

You can’t keep your pace up. Your attitude is sinking.

You have to pull it together!

Read on for a few things you may want to try during your next mid-run dilemma.

To stay strong during the toughest part of a run, I …

  • Repeat “Relax.”
  • Do a complete body check from head to toe. I make sure I’m relaxed and that my jaws and fists aren’t clinched, my shoulders aren’t too high and my foot strike is light.
  • Pretend the ground is covered in hot coals. This helps me get my feet off the ground quickly. It also helps increase my leg turnover so I’m not wasting energy pounding the ground too hard during every footstrike.
  • Check breathing. I take a couple deep breaths and try to relax my labored breathing.
  • Check form. Is my arm swing correct? Footstirke correct? Is there a slight forward lean in my shoulders and hips? Am I running tall? Is my stride long enough? I also tell myself that my legs will follow my arms, so keep them going!
  • Stay on pace. If I’m with a group or a partner, I try not to let the distance between us grow.

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