Posted by: Susan Loken | May 26, 2010

Feeling Extra Motivated

Today, my schedule said 6 miles easy, but I ran 8 miles at an easy 7:05 pace because it felt effortless. I love days like today.

It is amazing the difference a day can make! Last week, I ran 6 miles at a 7:48 pace and was exhausted and felt so tired.

I’m pumped. I’ve reached my goal of becoming re-motivated to train hard. Last week, and this week, I had to change my schedule around a little, but I got all of my runs in and feel that I will be back on schedule to go to track every Tuesday and meet the group for long runs on Sunday right after Memorial Weekend.

I say bring it on.

Maybe it was the meeting last night that put the extra pep in my step during the run today. The meeting was for the Women’s Half Marathon coming to Phoenix on November 7.

It completely inspired me. Having a women-only half marathon in Phoenix will give women of all fitness levels an event to train for that is not intimidating! The race is a great motivator and a great tool we can use to help get more women fit and healthy so they can live happy lives.

I know I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Running changed my life, and not only gave me personal success, but a life purpose. With races such as this half marathon, we can inspire so many local women to get off the couch and get fit. YEAH! My goal is to help inspire and train as many beginner runners as I can for this event.

Oh … and I also plan to run it myself. As fast as I can.

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