Posted by: Susan Loken | May 25, 2010

Women, Red Wine and Running

I had to run my track workout alone again this week because tonight I’m going to the Women’s Running Half Marathon Launch Event.  I am soooo excited that a women-only half marathon is coming to Phoenix (this October)! What an amazing opportunity for women in this city. The race will be a non- intimidating event, geared to promote health and fitness just for women! I know what you’re thinking. Will Team Chances have a group geared for this event?


 Did I mention how excited I am? Anyway, back to my training…

Over the weekend, I ran a 16-mile long run with one of my best friends Susie MK. We averaged 7:15 pace for the run.

Last night was my son’s “family graduation” party (he graduates high school on Thursday!), so I was up late (and may have enjoyed too much red wine).

Today I had planned 10 x 800 @ 2:58 each. During my first track practice with the group two weeks ago, I did 7 x 800 @ 3 minutes each and it was so comfortable for me (almost too comfortable). I was thinking tonight was going to be a piece of cake. Boy, was I mistaken. I managed to run all 10 x 800’s between 2:55 and 3:00, but holy smokes was it hard. It was definitely proof that group training is priceless. While I was running I even thought of only doing 7 repeats. I really had to do some positive self-talk to get through all 10 of them. It turned out to be an OK run.

It proved to me again that sleep, healthy eating and limited alcohol help you improve as a runner. But, as I mentioned last week, it is also about balance and priorities, and it was more important to me to enjoy my son’s celebration. An indulgence every so often won’t hurt you. The key is, of course, not to indulge too often … only once in a while.

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