Posted by: Susan Loken | May 18, 2010

Life happens: Balance. Flexibility. Priorities.

Today was a nice reminder. You must be flexible with your training schedule so you can balance all of the priorities in your life.

I slept in a little later than normal today because I had track tonight. While checking my e-mails I came across one that explained that Chris, my 13-year-old son, was selected to try out for an elite travel lacrosse team. Tryouts were tonight.

My initial reaction…

UGH, what about my track workout? It’s too late to run this morning and there won’t be time tonight after tryouts.

But I stopped myself. I reminded myself what I tell Team Chances members. Running and training is meant to enhance your life. Running gives you the power to improve your physical and mental health. Running gives you the chance to really live. So… live a little. Yes, you need to schedule time for training each day, but you also need to be flexible when “life” happens.

And believe me, life will happen.

You must have your priorities. Mine are Faith, Family, Friends, and Chances for Children … and running. I realized this, and made plans to go to my son’s tryouts. Even though I was initially disappointed I had to cancel my training plans (track workout), I found a way to reprioritize. I pulled out my calendar and flip-flopped my runs around for the week. Now, I’m getting my runs in and I can go to watch my son and enjoy the greatest gift of life – being a mom! I will run my mile repeats tomorrow morning.

 Let this be a reminder, that, yes, you need to get most your training runs in when training for a marathon, but it’s is still OK to switch plans around as needed. We runners tend to be a little rigid when it comes to schedules. Sometimes, we feel as if missing a workout will deter us from achieving our goal. We begin to think crazy thoughts, like we will lose all of our fitness in one “off” day or one “off” week. These thoughts just aren’t true.

Over the years I’ve missed many a workouts due to “Life” and still achieved most of my running goals. If I miss a “key” workout and can make it up, that’s what I do. If there is no time to make it up, I write it off and have even more energy for the next hard workout. The bottom line is, my miles ran today = ZERO. But, I enjoyed some quality time with my son. And just wait until you see my mile repeat splits tomorrow!

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