Posted by: Susan Loken | May 18, 2010

Balance Your Life

A few tips for juggling everything:

Schedule your workouts before the day begins. Even better, try to sit down and schedule your runs every Sunday before the week begins. That creates less of a chance that something will come up.

If something does come up, don’t sweat the small stuff. If you have trouble finding time and need to miss a workout, try and make it one of your easier runs.

Juggle things around if needed. Relax and don’t stress about it. If you’re getting the majority of your runs in, you are A’OK.

Never try and “make up” a day by doing twice as much on another day. You’re more prone to injury that way.

Keep your prorities in check. Never forget what is really important in life. Goals are important, but balancing goals with family and other priorites is most important. Never lose sight of that.

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