Posted by: Susan Loken | May 12, 2010

Uneasy about injury

I ran an easy 8 miles at a 7:30 pace this morning. At the beginning, I felt heavy and sore, but after two miles it felt great. I started worrying about getting injured and obsessing about every little thing that hurt the first two miles. I quickly told myself to listen to your body, do the right things and you won’t get injured. Worrying about it will not help.

After the 2008 Olympic Trials I had injury after injury, not to mention a decrease in motivation. Now my motivation is back, and I definitely don’t want to get injured. All I can do is be smart about it and not waste my energy worrying about it! Anyway, after two miles all those negative thoughts were gone and I had a wonderful run on a warm sunny Arizona morning.

I put on my coaching hat later in the day for our Team Chances Spring Group tonight. At one point, one of our members came up to me crying. She was so frustrated because her knee hurt and she’s been trying so hard. I had to hold back my tears because I know how disappointing that can be. We talked about things she could do to help the situation, and we didn’t focus on what she couldn’t do. We can maintain her fitness as she works through an injury. I hope our group can help her keep her head up during this hard time.

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