Posted by: Susan Loken | May 10, 2010

And so it begins…

First official day of training with the goal to qualify for my third Olympic Marathon Trials. I’m so excited.

I ran an average pace of 7:07 for 8 miles on a beautiful spring morning. Yes, I’m going to enjoy the last “cool” mornings before summer hits.

My goal throughout all of this will be to listen to my body and not get injured. One thing I’ve noticed from my early 40’s is that I need to begin each run much slower than I used to. I used to start out at my average pace (big mistake – you need to warm-up). Today, I ran the first mile at 8:40 and the second mile at 8:15 before slowly working into my normal “easy” run pace of around a 7-minute-mile.   I felt great today!

Tomorrow is my first “track” session with the new group and I’m nervous! Yes, I coach track each week and I run speed sessions with my training partners around Ahwatukee, but I have not ran on the track for my own speed sessions in a long time. We’ll see!

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