Posted by: Susan Loken | May 9, 2010

My goal, my coach

I was 40 during at the 2004 Olympic Trails and ran 2:44:23 and I was 44 at the 2008 Olympic Trials and ran 2:42:55. After each trial, I thought I would be too old to ever run an Olympic Trials again, but here I go…I’m going to believe and give it everything I’ve got and qualify for the 2012 Olympic Trails. I’ll be 48 when I compete, with the goal of beating my time previous two times!

You know, I’m not as self-motivated to run hard as I used to be, so I realized I needed to find a coach with a group to run with. My old coach, Brett Schumacher, took me under his wing and coached me for years though all my success, however, he doesn’t currently have a group for me to run with. I know I need the inspiration from hands on coaching and other runners for me to achieve my goal. I reached out to an old running partner that now coaches John Reich. John has a few runners close to my speed that he coaches and he said he would be willing to coach and let me run with his group. I was thrilled to accept his offer.

I met with John last week and he sent me my first weekly schedule. Training “officially” starts tomorrow.

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